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Time for a Change

Day 1: My Diet Plan

on June 7, 2013

So how exactly am I intending to lose my menopause pounds? I’m not into crash diets or faddy food regimes. I’ve been around long enough to know that even if you manage to stick to them, the weight usually piles straight back on when you stop following the plan. So I am just going to try and eat sensibly and healthily and keep my portion sizes under control. It sounds so easy!

Each day I am planning to share with you what I have eaten. I have told the kids that there  will be no chocolate in the house and that when they want some they have to nip out to the corner shop to get some for themselves.

I have already faced my first test of willpower today. I was shopping for some weekend food in Marks & Spencer’s (not a good idea when you are trying to diet). In the bread aisle I caught sight of a pack of mini chocolate hot cross buns and my ‘inner menopause voice’ piped up saying that I ‘deserve the odd treat’ (it knew that I was looking for an excuse), so in the basket they went.

Marks and Spencer mini chocolate hot cross buns

I didn’t venture down the crisps aisle for fear that even catching a glimpse of my favourite lentil and sour cream curls would make me load up the basket. Then, near the checkouts, I came to my senses and put the mini hot cross buns back on the shelf.  I will be further tested later on though, as it is berry season and that means meringues and extra thick double cream (which I did buy) for the rest of the family!

So here is my days food diary:


I always start the day with a large mug of Hot Lemon and Honey

I don’t enjoy wheat very much, especially first thing in the morning so I tend to alternate between a homemade museli recipie or a smoothie. This morning it was the homemade menopause museli: See the Breakfast Recipe page for more details.

Lunch: Blueberry and Banana Smoothie (ready made), Crayfish, Noodle, Vegetable & Edamame Soya Bean Salad (M&S ready made)

Crayfish, Noodle, Edamame Bean Salad

Dinner: Lentil Chile – See the Dinner Recipe page for more details

Vegetarian Lentil Chilli

Snacks & Drinks: 1 square of dark chocolate (perfect for cravings) a handful of smoked almonds and herbal tea

Not bad for a first day… but I’m not getting too excited… its keeping it going that is the difficult bit!


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