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Time for a Change

Day 10: My Favourite Ingredient

on June 16, 2013

My favourite ingredient is Smoked Paprika. It livens up any savoury dish with a sweet, smoky, spicy kick that’s hard to beat.

smoked paprika

My smoked paprika is Spanish and is quite hot, so you don’t need much of it to spice up a dish. I add it to chilli, soups, risottos, scrambled eggs, casseroles, stews, stir fries, sauces, salad dressing and marinades or sprinkle it over potato salad, in fact any savoury dish that you think it would complement.

Paprika is made from dried peppers from the Capsicum family. There are several different kinds from sweet to hot and paprika can be made from both kinds or a combination. So if you don’t like your dishes too spicy hot then look for a sweet smoked paprika.

Paprika contains Vitamins A, E, B6 and Iron

Food Diary – Day 10

Breakfast: Menopause Meusli (see Breakfast Recipe page) with berries

Lunch: Prawn Salad, multiseed bread

Dinner: Chicken & Sweet Potato Soup (See Lunch Recipe page), hummus and 2 mini wholemeal pittas, tomato, lettuce and cucumber salad with sesame seed and balsamic dressing

Snacks & Drinks: Menopause Cake spread with Tahini (see Snack Recipe page), grapes, 3 squares dark chocolate, herbal tea, J2O juice drink

Today I am hungry. My husband has just returned from the shop with chocolate caramel biscuits and jaffa cakes. What torture. I nearly opened a packet then asked myself what the hell I thought I was doing and did I want to lose weight or not? It worked for now.


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