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Time for a Change

Day 23 and 24: Diet Wobbles

on June 30, 2013

The last couple of days have been a bit tricky as we went to a party yesterday evening and today we went out for lunch to a burger joint! Plus the fridge is empty and I didn’t really plan the meals for the weekend. As a consequence I have had a couple of wobbly days – not disastrous but not great.

Also this week my weight loss was non existent and seemed to fluctuate by a pound or so on different days which was disappointing as overall the week has been pretty good foodwise. Perhaps portions are still to big?

Interesting lesson learned is that the moment I take my eye off the ball and don’t plan meals I revert to nibbling high sugar rubbish. Starting the day with a half empty fridge and no idea what my meals and snacks for the day are going to be is a recipe for disaster.

Still many of the diet books and websites I have looked at advocate a ‘cheat day’ where you can eat what you like. Therefore I will consider this a cheat weekend and get back on track tomorrow!

Food Diary Day 23

Breakfast: Banana, Menopause Muesli – see  Breakfast Recipe page

Lunch: Ready made nut and quinoa salad with extras of avocado, tomato and grilled haloumi cheese. I was very bloated after this for some reason.

Dinner: Party nibbles of chilli con carne, nachos, nuts, chicken tagine & creme brulee… all mini portions.

Drink & Snacks: Herbal tea, sparkling water (party drink as I was driving!), miso soup

Food Diary Day 24:

Breakfast: Menopause Muesli – see Breakfast recipe page

Lunch: Chicken Caesar salad

Dinner: Mini wholemeal pitta, hummus, 2 slices multi seed toast and honey

Drinks & Snacks: Herbal Tea, J2O juice drink, oat and apricot bar, mini bar dark chocolate, 2 apricots, choc ice


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