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Day 26: Diet Rules Summary

on July 2, 2013
Back on track today. After yesterday’s Diet Disaster I went for a run in the evening to try to limit some of the damage. Actually I really enjoyed the run and had plenty of energy from the masses of food I had eaten! I enjoyed it so much that I went again this evening. I definitely have more energy for running in the  evening than the morning.
Was almost side tracked today by a bag of chilli doritos lurking in the cupboard but managed to tell myself a very stern ‘no way’. Also ate rather too many of a bag of smoked almonds so they ended up being the majority of my lunch. No harm done.
healthy diet rules
So here is a summary of the  ‘rules’ (how I hate that word) that I am trying to work with…
  1. No rubbish food in the house, anywhere, ever… even if I pretend it’s ‘for the kids’
  2. Don’t let myself get too hungry – it leads to overeating or eating rubbish food – snack sensibly or eat a meal every 4 hours… it keeps your metabolism ticking over too
  3. Fill half my plate with vegetables and eat them first
  4. Use a smaller plate
  5. Practice portion control for protein (the size of a deck of cards) and carbs (the size of the head of a lightbulb)
  6. Eat lots of phytoestrogens – miso, soya milk, seeds, linseeds, lentils, oats, green leafy veg, chickpeas
  7. Only slow release carbs – ideally no white carbohydrates or their multi-grain versions. No bread, rice, corn or potatoes or at least limited wholegrain versions of them. This avoids insulin spikes which send the body into ‘store fat’ mode
  8. Limited fruit – same reason as above
  9. No drinking calories (fruit juices, energy drinks and milk)
  10. Dont try to be too creative and fancy in the kitchen. Eat the same few meals routinely. Keep it simple.
  11. Allow myself a Cheat Day once a week when I can eat myself sick. Apparently this causes a metabolic ‘spike’ which revs up the metabolism and prevents the body staying in starvation mode (in which it holds onto fat reserves for grim death!)
  12.  Protein is key: Eggs, meats, green vegetables and legumes (beans or lentils) should figure into most, if not all, of my day’s meals.
  13. A bit of exercise helps too!
  14. Keep a food diary or blog – it makes me accountable
  15. Use motivational images and phrases to keep myself going. Pin them up on the fridge and kitchen cupboards.

Phew… not many there then!

So here’s the Food diary for Day 26

Breakfast: Mango menopause smoothie – see breakfast recipe page

Lunch: Packet smoked almonds, slice cheese, parma ham and a few olives

Dinner: Cabbage and lentil hotpot – a variation on the Sausage & Cabbage Hotpot recipe on the Dinner Recipe page – this time no sausage or potatoes added but more vegetables and a pouch of ready cooked Merchant Gourmet puy lentils.

Snacks & Drinks: Herbal Tea, 4 squares dark chocolate, 3 dried apricots, mini wholemeal pitta and hummus


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