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Time for a Change

Day 27: Be an ‘after’ not a ‘before’

on July 3, 2013

I rather like this motivational poster

diet motivation

Even though it is more gym/exercise related it is still a great thought. I came across a old food diary of a previous diet attempt a few months ago and thought of all that effort and wasted time and how I lost focus and didn’t lose any weight or end up making any long lasting changes and how I had to start all over again. I like the idea of being the one who can actually carry it through and get a result at the end… it will in theory only take one concerted effort to become an ‘after’ instead of always being a ‘before’! So I’m going for it!

Food Diary Day 26

Breakfast: Porridge, berries, milled linseeds

Lunch: Left over cabbage and lentils hotpot from yesterday (see Day 26)

Dinner: Tuna and vegetable stir fry with sesame seeds and pine nuts and soy dressing (no noodles)

tuna stir fry

Snacks & Drinks: Herbal tea, half a cereal bar, pice of multiseed toast and honey, 4 squares dark chocolate, 3 dried apricots


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