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Time for a Change

Day 28: 1 month on

on July 4, 2013

Today my son had cookery at school and made cupcakes. He proudly bought a batch home and asked if I’d like to try one. I protested that I am on a diet and he said that I deserved a treat. How could I refuse? I didn’t!


 Cupcake aside… its day 28 and 1 month since I started. Just to recap… apart from losing weight I wanted to change my diet to manage my menopause symptoms – primarily migraines and hot flushes. So how have these symptoms been the last month?

Well I’m pleased to say that there has been a vast improvement. I had a mild headache on days 24 and 25 and interestingly this coincided with a 3 very difficult diet days in which I really struggled (and failed) to stay healthy. I think there was probably a hormonal reason for both the sweet cravings and the headache, however it was definitely not  a migraine, which is a major improvement.

The hot flushes have all but disappeared whereas before the diet changes I was having several per day. Again I did have a few on the wobbly diet days in which my sugar intake spiked. I think, for me, the hot flushes are definitely related to a high sugar intake. So, I do believe that my menopause symptoms can definitely be controlled by diet.

This is due to an increase in phytoestrogens which in my case has come mainly from soya milk, oats, lentils and seeds.

I have stayed off the scales this week as I find my weight fluctuations from day to day really affect my mood and ability to stick to the diet. I feel like I have lost weight and I know that in the first couple of weeks I lost about 2lbs. I may have lost another half to 1lb but I don’t want to get on the scales as it is too demotivating if they read more than I hoped for. I am doing my best, I feel thinner and more confident and that’s ok for me, for now.

Food Diary Day 28

Breakfast: Menopause meusli – see breakfast recipe page

Lunch: Rye bread slice with cottage cheese, beetroot, felafel and sprouted beans – a weird mix but very nice!

Dinner: Haddock with tomato and olive sauce and mixed vegetables (grilled courgette (zucchini) green beans and sweetcorn) – see dinner recipe page

Snacks & Drinks: Herbal tea, 3 squares dark chocolate, slice of rye bread with honey, cupcake!




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