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Day 37: Ousting Your Inner Diet Saboteur

on July 13, 2013

After last weeks huge success, I have been feeling a little too smug lately and therefore have let my guard down these last few days and sugary snacks – wine gums, twirls, haribos, too many squares of dark chocolate, the odd glass of wine – and carbs have sneaked their way back into my life. Not in a big way but enough to put a stop to weight loss and make me feel bloated… and, very sneakily, these small infractions have taken place after I have published my blog post for the day. How crafty is my inner diet saboteur?

The thing that writing this blog underlines more than anything is the passing of the days and the relative success, or not, of each one. Writing about my dieting day really underlines the passing days and it is frankly annoying to have seen the last few days effectively go to waste. Days I could have been losing weight when instead I’m putting it on again. The last few days I know, without stepping on the scales that I am quietly undoing the hard work and success of the preceding week. How pointless is that.

So my message to my self is to “get back on track and stop nibbling sugary crap, stop undoing all my good work and stop wasting time”. I dont wanting to be writing this blog past 15th September. That is my target weight date. It includes 2 weeks holidays which assumes I don’t put weight on during that time, so I will have to remain fairly disciplined during that time. In effect it is 9 weeks to lose another 7lbs. Nothing like setting a goal! That will then be a total of 100 blog days – a nice round number!

Food Diary Day 37

Breakfast: menopause muesli – see breakfast recipes

Lunch: Egg mayonnaise sandwich, tomatoes, half a Twirl chocolate bar

Dinner: Chicken drumsticks, cabbage, grilled courgette (zucchini), one third of a large bar of dark chocolate


Drinks and Snacks: glass of wine, herbal tea, liquorice chocolate log


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