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Day 42: Infused Olive Oils

on July 18, 2013

Day 42 and approaching half way of my 100 day diet… although I hope I will continue the principles I have learnt on this journey and not go back to my days of overloading on sugary snacks and missing proper meals as, not only will the weight surely pile back on, but I felt so tired back then with the rubbish fuel I was giving my body.

My husband gave me this gift pack of olive oils infused with different flavours for christmas…

infused olive oils

…they were a wonderful present but they are especially coming into their own on this diet with all the salads as the basis for the quickest simplest dressing, either on their own drizzled over salads or grilled lean meat or followed by a splash of balsamic vinegar.

Some of you may be wondering how I am managing to lose weight whilst many of my meals have included foods that are perceived as high in fat… not only am I drizzling olive oil onto my salads but hummus, avocado, sardines, nuts, seeds & olives are frequent additions to my plate. Nor am I counting calories. Many of us were bought up on the theory that low fat diets were the key to losing weight however I am a convert to the “No Sugar – Low Carbs – High Protein – High Fibre”  theory which is certainly working for me! See my Diet Rules Page and my post on day 33 about Low Fat vs Low Carbs for more info on this.

Note though – the fats I am eating are all ‘good’ mono or polyunsaturated fats not the saturated fats found in processed food, dairy, meat and baked goods!

Food Diary Day 42

Breakfast: Menopause Smoothie – see breakfast recipe page

Lunch: Sardines, hummus, chickpeas, tomatoes, olives, pepperdew peppers, green salad

sardine salad

Dinner: Prawn, orange, spouted peas and beans, grated cabbage salad, a handful of nuts, a plum

Snacks & Drinks: Herbal tea, 2 squares dark chocolate


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