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Day 47: Sticky Chilli and Balsamic Glaze

on July 23, 2013

Another wonderful ingredient that is perfect for marinating and cooking chicken, pork, fish, tofu and anything else you might fancy with it. Made by Jamie Oliver, this wonderful Sticky Chilli and Balsamic Glaze can be added to meat before during or after cooking according to your taste and drizzled over salads to give them an interesting sweet and mild kick.

jamie oliver sticky chilli balsamic glaze

I used it for tonight’s dinner to coat the chicken just at the end of cooking.

Food Diary Day 47:

Breakfast: menopause smoothie – see breakfast recipe page

Lunch: Felafel Salad… felafels, hummus, ready made 3 bean salad, grilled peppers, cucumber, hazlenuts & beetroot

felafel salad

Dinner: Piri Piri chicken strips with sticky chilli and balsamic glaze, steamed cabbage with nutmeg and paprika, broccoli with soy sauce and sesame seeds

Remember to have at least half your plate full of vegetables!

piri piri chicken strips

Snacks and Drinks: herbal tea, 6 squares dark chocolate, blueberries


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