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Time for a Change

Day 48: Loving Leftovers

on July 24, 2013

Never underestimate the usefulness of leftovers, especially when on a diet and it can be hard to figure out what to make everyday.

I fried up my leftover cabbage, broccoli and spicy chicken with sesame seeds, pepperdew peppers and pine nuts with a splash more of yesterdays sticky chilli and balsamic glaze – delicious

stir fried leftovers

Food Diary Day 48:

Breakfast: menopause smoothie – see breakfast recipe page

Lunch: Rice noodles in broth with chopped chicken… these are the first carbs I have had for ages and I shouldn’t really be having them but I was starving and desperate and figured it wouldn’t hurt this one time.

Dinner: Stir fried leftovers from last night – cabbage, broccoli & spicy chicken with pine nuts and sesame seeds and  a splash of sticky chilli and balsamic glaze

Snacks and Drinks: Herbal tea, 2 squares dark chocolate, apple and cheese


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