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Day 53: Weight loss update

on July 29, 2013

I havent posted much about my weight loss but it has been steady… my target is to lose a stone (14 lbs) which would bring me to a weight that I have not been at for a very long time! I have lost 10 of those pounds over the last 53 days – an average of 1lb every 5.3 days, which I would say is very acceptable. So this diet does work!

Now I am down to the last 4 pounds and still have 47 days left (of which 14 are holiday and therefore I will count myself lucky if I stay at a stable weight over this time) my will power has slipped a little over the last few days, especially hosting the birthday party.

But I don’t want to slip. My worst fear is that I’ll put the weight back on once I stop officially being ‘on a diet’ so I am aiming to eat in a similar vein on an ongoing basis but reintroducing some carbs slowly…

diet motivation poster

Writing this every day has been a fantastic help keeping me focussed but when I stop, on or before day 100, I want to be at my target weight as I need to get on with other aspects of my life which have been a bit neglected of late!

My motivational poster, rules and ‘tick chart’ have been languishing out of sight in a folder and they need to be put back up where I can see them to keep me focussed. God forbid that the last 53 days will turn out to have been a waste of time!

As far as my menopause symptoms are concerned… the migraines are still being held at bay although my daytime hot flushes seem to have started to reoccur recently although not as severely or frequently as before.

Food Diary Day 53:

Breakfast: menopause muesli – see breakfast recipe page

Lunch: Cheese, apple, oatcakes and chutney

Dinner: Salmon terrine, tomatoes, green salad, fresh peas, avocado


Snacks and Drinks: herbal tea, 5 squares dark chocolate, 2 chocolate biscuits (annoying but true!)


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