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Day 54: Do you need to exercise to lose weight?

on July 30, 2013

One of my diet rules is to exercise 5 days a week – for me this means either a run (about half an hour) or leg toning exercises. At one time exercise was considered an essential part of losing weight but I have been reading recently that current thinking reveals that exercising is not particularly necessary. In fact some studies showed that people who exercised actually lost less weight that those who did no exercise as the exercisers increase in appetite resulted in a tendency to overcompensate and/or self reward for their efforts.

However this theory is still quite controversial and a recent article in the press also reveals that people who exercise are much more likely not to put back on all the weight they have lost, not to mention the other health benefits of being physically active.

My experience bears out the theory that exercise is not necessary to lose weight, but I found that when I did exercise, the weight loss was easier and faster. Plus I feel better about myself when I exercise because of all those great feel-good endorphins that are released with physical activity and the leg toning exercises are definitely increasing my muscle tone and, as the adverts say, ‘reducing the appearance of cellulite’!!

I’d say, get out there, in moderation, and do what makes you feel good.

running motivation

Food Diary Day 54:

Breakfast: menopause muesli – see breakfast recipe page

menopause muesli

Lunch: 3 mini pittas, hummus, lentil & butternut squash dahl leftovers

Dinner: Salmon terrine, green salad, beetroot, tomato, sprouted peas and beans ready made salad

salmon terrine

Snacks & Drinks: herbal tea, 5 squares dark chocolate, 3 pringles


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