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Time for a Change

Day 55: Discipline = Reward

on July 31, 2013



Today I tried on some trousers that I bought online that were depressingly small 55 days ago and today they fit! I couldn’t believe it. It was actual proof that I really have shrunk! Numbers on the scales are certainly a measure of success but fitting into previously unwearable and unflattering clothes is one hell of a reward for all the hard work. I share this with you, not to gloat at my success, but to shout that this diet does work and those trousers could be yours!

Food Dairy Day 55:

If you have read the last three days diary then this one is pretty much the same! There is stuff in the fridge I need to eat, I like it, it’s healthy and there’s no point letting it go to waste…

Breakfast: menopause muesli – see breakfast recipe page

Lunch: Red Lentil and butternut squash dahl

Dinner: Salmon terrine, green salad, tomatoes, beetroot

Snacks & Drinks: herbal tea, 5 squares dark chocolate, slice of menopause cake (see snack recipe page), 2 mini pittas and hummus



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