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Time for a Change

Day 56: This Diet in a Nutshell

on August 1, 2013

how to lose w eight healthily


I like this sentiment as this is essentially what the diet I have been following is all about. No calorie counting or weighing. No looking up values for food or calculating. The key elements can be summarised in just 3 points:

  1. No bread, rice, pasta or potatoes
  2. Minimum 50% of plate = vegetables, the rest ‘good’ mono or polyunsaturated fats and protein
  3. No processed junk, fizzy drinks, sweets, cakes, biscuits etc

For a fuller explanation of the diet rules see my post on Day 39 – Goal Setting and New Diet Rules

Food Diary Day 56:

Breakfast: Menopause Meusli – see breakfast recipe page

Lunch: Ready made edamame bean salad, watercress and salmon terrine

Dinner: Beetroot, broad bean, feta cheese & watercress salad

Snacks & Drinks: herbal tea, 4 squares dark chocolate, halva (a delicious and very sweet treat made from sesame seeds)


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