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Day 58: Want More Energy?

on August 3, 2013

tired all the time

A couple of months back my mum commented that she didn’t remember being so tired all the time at my age. She thought I should go and get myself checked out at the doctors. I never went but I do remember  feeling tired all the time.  Now, since I have been eating healthily and specifically eating less high sugar foods I have so much more energy…. plus my frame of mind is generally more positive too. It just goes to show how important the type of fuel you give your body is, in order to function effectively in today’s fast paced world.

Foods that sap energy are high sugar processed food (biscuits, sweets, cakes etc), fizzy drinks and even energy drinks (which give you a quick spike of energy but then leave you in a slump), fatty foods (that your body has to work hard to digest), alcohol and skipping meals!

Food Diary Day 58:

Breakfast: menopause muesli – see breakfast recipe page

Lunch: Smoked salmon, broccoli and asparagus, steamed ans drizzled with tamari soy sauce



Dinner: smoked trout with ready made mixed bean salad and beetroot



Snacks and Drinks: herbal tea, 6 squares dark chocolate, 1 bourbon biscuit, halva


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