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Day 61: More menopause headache theories

on August 6, 2013

Readers of yesterdays post will remember me questioning whether my sugar cravings over the last couple of days triggered a headache or whether underlying hormonal fluctuations caused the headache, with sugar cravings being an associated symptom.

sugar cravings


Anyway I was reading back over my last posts and about 35 days ago, on days 24/25, the same thing happened… therefore I am leaning towards the hormonal theory. It will be interesting to see about 35 days from now if the same thing happens. Forearmed is forewarned so I will make sure there are no sweet temptations in the house and look out for depleted willpower!

The headache has now finally gone after the third day, my typical menopausal headache pattern.

Tonight we had chinese takeaway and this was very easy to maintain my diet rules… I just had the stir fried mixed vegetables and added a chopped up marinated chicken breast that I needed to use up.

Food Diary Day 61

Breakfast: menopause muesli – see breakfast recipe page

Lunch: Bavarian Donka bread (rye with poppy seeds and linseeds) with cheese & tomato

Dinner: Chinese stir fried vegetables with marinated chicken breast

chines take out on a diet


Snacks and Drinks: herbal tea, no other snacks as I split my lunch in two, 2 slices of Donka at lunch and 2 mid afternoon


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