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Time for a Change

Day 65 to 79: Holiday Diet Lowdown

on August 25, 2013

Apologies for the lack of posts these last 2 weeks but I have been on holiday!

My goal for my 2 weeks of holiday in France was to keep my weight stable so I could get on with losing my final few pounds of weight when I got back.


The reality is that I put 2 and a half pounds back on…. not too bad really! This was mainly due to the temptations of daily fresh french baguettes, local french cheese and delicious home made ice cream. The break in routine, new grocery stores and the difficulty of getting my usual ingredients made it pretty hard to keep to my diet rules… plus eating out at least once per day and the ‘what the hell, I’m on  holiday’ voice in my head was not very conducive to being disciplined!

Still the pounds I had lost pre-holiday did make wearing shorts more pleasurable and some new clothes were happily purchased too!

I did manage to eat my ‘menopause muesli’ each day as I could get oats, soya milk, flaked almonds and berries locally… I took a large packet of mixed seeds with me luckily which I was grateful for.

So back to reality now and 21 days left to my target weight means a target of losing 5 pounds in 21 days – should be possible but I have to admit after the holiday I am not feeling particularly disciplined, so here’s a sobering thought…



Watch this space!



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