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Day 82: Why not skip meals?

on August 27, 2013

skip meals

Ok we’ve all heard this one many times but I still thought I could get away with it today. I went for a pre breakfast run and as I didn’t get up that early it meant that I didn’t have my usual muesli until 11 am. So I wasn’t hungry at lunch and I thought ‘this is great I’ll just have 2 meals today and I’ll lose weight even faster”.

By 5 o clock I was ready to kill for food. I gobbled down 2 shortbread biscuits and 10 Maltesers before my brain got into gear and stopped me from demolishing the whole pack.

I decided now was the time for dinner (quinoa nut salad). But even after that I was still ravenous and ate half a nut/oat energy bar,  a banana and a cup of miso soup. If you add up the calories in the biscuits, Maltesers and energy bar I may as well have had a nutritious late lunch instead. Not a great way to diet as it leaves you too vulnerable to the craving cycle…

diet craving cycle

… not to mention that its 9pm and I’m still starving!

There is good reason that we are told to eat small regular meals and snacks. It keeps our blood sugar stable, reduces the cravings for high sugar snacks and keeps our metabolism ticking over, burning fat, instead of switching into starvation mode, in which our bodies cling onto our fat reserves with grim determination! Lesson learned!

Food Diary Day 82

Breakfast: menopause muesli

Lunch: none

Dinner: quinoa nut salad, banana, miso soup

snacks and drinks: herbal tea, 2 biscuits, 10 Maltesers, half nut/oat energy bar


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