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Day 83: How to speed up weight loss

on August 28, 2013

It is interesting that since I got back off holiday and got back on track with the diet I have dropped about 3 pounds in a few days and am now a pound under my pre-holiday weight. So what is going on?

Well I have been reading a lot about how continuous dieting forces your body into ‘starvation mode’ and a resulting weight loss plateau. This is thought to be because of ancient genes that protected our bodies in times of famine. In addition the theory behind having a ‘treat’ day each week (in which calorie intake is significantly above diet days) results in a kickstart to your metabolism, effectively jolting it out of starvation mode and therefore resuming weight loss.

Its true that prior to my holiday I was struggling to lose the last few pounds, despite an ever stricter regime. Perhaps the holiday has kickstarted my metabolism again and now that I have gone back the my diet it has also kickstarted the weight loss too.

I also came across an article about a new book which advocates a very low calorie intake (about 650) for 2 days each week and then a healthy mediterranean based diet (on 1500 calories per day) for the rest of the week. Apparently women who followed the plan lost almost twice as much as those who restricted calories every day. The plan also claims to fight diabetes and is therefore called ‘The 2 day diabetes diet“.


This theory certainly ties in with my experience and the concept of varying calorific intake to keep your metabolism ‘guessing’ and thereby avoiding starvation mode weight loss plateaus.

For the last few weeks of my diet therefore I am going to try alternating a couple of extra low calorie days with a couple of higher calorie days. It is important though that you still continue to choose healthy foods – ie the higher calorie days don’t mean back to the old sugary snacks!

Food Diary Day 83:

Breakfast: menopause muesli – see breakfast recipes

Lunch: Peppered mackerel, spinach leaves, beetroot, hummus, cucumber sticks, pine nuts

Dinner: Tuna steak stir-fried in oil with splash of soy sauce and japanese mirin with sesame seeds on a bed of stir-fried courgettes and leeks plus steamed green beans!


Drinks and Snacks: herbal tea, olives and slice of cheese, 2 pears, 6 squares dark chocolate


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