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Time for a Change

Day 86: Takeaway treat

on August 31, 2013

After a couple of pretty strict reduced calorie days this week, today was treat day and chinese takeaway for dinner! Even when ordering take out it is still possible not to deviate too far from the rules of the diet and still have a delicious treat of a meal. I ordered Kung Po chicken, in which the chicken is usually deep fried but I asked them to use regular chicken breast instead. It’s in a delicious sweet chilli sauce with onions, water chestnuts and cashews. On the side I ordered stir fried broccoli and plain steamed rice. ..So plenty of vegetables still.

Food Diary Day 86:

Breakfast: menopause muesli

Lunch: left over poached salmon, green salad leaves, beetroot, cottage cheese, cucumber sticks, hummus, alfalfa sprouts


Dinner: Kung Po chicken, stir fried broccoli, steamed rice

Unknown  Unknown-2

Snacks and drinks: herbal tea, 8 squares dark choc, handful of Minstrels


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