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Time for a Change

Day 87: The Diet that Works for YOU

on September 1, 2013


Once you start reading about healthy eating and dieting it is very easy to get confused by all the different theories, diets and weigh loss programs. Much of the advice is conflicting, yet most are backed up with scientific research and proven trials…  so which one do you believe?

Are carbs good or evil? Should you eat regularly or incorporate fasting into your weekly plan? Should you avoid fats? What about red meat? Should you try the meal replacement shakes?

The answer is that they may all be right! How come? Because we are not all the same and therefore different approaches work for different people, different lifestyles, different tastes and different goals and at different times in your life. So just go with the one that you think will work for you now!

I had been sneaking weight on for a while and did keep trying various weight loss plans that never seemed to work until I found this one. It isn’t necessarily any better, or worse, than the others I tried but it worked for me. I liked the kinds of food that formed the basis of the diet, I could incorporate into my lifestyle without too much difficulty and the rules just kind of made sense to me.

So here I am now… just a couple of pounds away from my target weight and if you are reading this and wondering if it will work for you then if it feels right, just go for it.

Day 87 Food Diary

Breakfast: menopause muesli

Lunch Skinny Glorious Soup, carrot and hummus


Dinner: left over poached salmon, salad leaves, beetroot, alfalfa sprouts, pine nuts, avocado and green beans


Snacks and Drinks: herbal tea, 4 chocolate toffees, 4 squares dark chocolate



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