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Day 90: Your Target Weight – the beginning or the end?

on September 4, 2013

My goal was to reach my target weight in 100 days. This meant losing a stone (14 lbs) and trying to control my menopausal symptoms (hot sweats and migraines) through diet.

I am now half a pound off my target and now that the summer is coming to an end and I have other priorities looming, this will be my last post on a regular basis. My menopausal hot sweats and migraines have vastly improved to a manageable level. So, all in all, a huge personal success for me… and my initial reaction was “Yay, its the end of my diet… now I can eat what I like… freedom at last!”

But the statistics on the number of people who put all their lost weight back on (and sometimes more) when their diet ends do not make happy reading. I quickly realised that reaching my target weight is far from the end, but is actually a new beginning, if I am to keep it that way.

I cannot go back to my old ways of eating and whilst I can indulge occasionally in a treat – a dessert, chocolate bar, some chips and dips, a few glasses of wine, a slice of chocolate cake or a plate of fries, these things will have to remain just that – treats! To maintain my weight, manage my menopausal symptoms and keep my energy levels and self esteem up, I will need to carry on eating in pretty much the same way that I have been doing for the last 90 days. Always!

I must admit that it does feel a little scary. I am a little worried that without the discipline of writing this blog that I will slip back into old habits. Time will tell.  I hope I have learnt enough for this not to happen.

So do I feel deprived? Am I destined to be ‘on a diet’ forever?


Well no… it doesn’t feel that way. I would not want to go back to the bloating, migraines, hot sweats, too tight clothes, tired all the time  lifestyle that I had 90 days ago. I no longer think of living by my ‘diet rules’ as a penance, or as depriving myself, but as a positive, new, healthy way of life. The joy is that I don’t have to be so strict as the last 90 days but in the main, I will still stick to the principles that I have learned.


Thank you to all my followers… you will probably never know how much your support has meant to me and how instrumental it has been in helping me lose weight. Keep in touch and let me know if you start your own blogs!

Food Dairy Day 90:

Breakfast: menopause muesli

Lunch: M&S quinoa and nut salad


Dinner: Smoky marinated prawns and stir fried mixed vegetable


Drinks & Snacks: herbal tea, 6 squares dark choc, apple, carrot & hummus

PS I finally got some coconut oil – see my earlier post on the hormonal benefits of this – delicious to use for stir frying vegetables



2 responses to “Day 90: Your Target Weight – the beginning or the end?

  1. bodycrimes says:

    I lost loads of weight and then read all the research about how hard it is to keep it off. I even emailed an obesity researcher, who told me the body works really, really hard to put the weight back on and I couldn’t possibly sustain such a radical weight loss (a third of my total weight). He was right, in that I have put a little bit back on, but overall I’ve managed to stay the same dress size for three years now. I did what the research told me to – food recording, daily weighing to catch slip ups and basically sticking to new habits. The good news is that after eating this way for three years, I never want to go back to my old way of eating. Where I struggle is with wine! Alcohol adds back the pounds super fast, but I can’t live without a glass of wine now and then!

    Good luck.

  2. mrsspaghetti says:

    It’s very hard to keep off if you didn’t really change your lifestyle in the process. I did the gain/lose/gain/lose/gain/lose for years until I finally realized that when I lost what I wanted that it didn’t mean that I could go back to what I was eating before. It’s a process to change, but it’s possible!

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