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Time for a Change


Today I looked in the mirror and got a bit of a shock. A slightly overweight, middle-aged woman stared back at me. It was not who I was expecting. The last time I looked, I mean really looked, I could have sworn there was someone slimmer, younger and frankly, more attractive there.

My name is Lisa Smith. Ok well, it isn’t really Lisa Smith, that’s my pseudonym. I picked Lisa because it was the most popular girls name in 1966 – when I was born – and Smith because its the most popular surname in the UK. So why am writing under a pseudonym? Well, I wanted to be able to write completely freely and honestly about weight loss, the menopause and all the emotional baggage that comes with those loaded topics.

This blog is my real life diary of my attempt to take control of my diet, my menopause, my fitness, my emotions and shift some extra pounds that have sneaked on in the year or so, which my body is holding on to like grim death.

I am blogging about this because I believe it is a struggle close to many women’s hearts and I hope, that in helping my self, I might also help others. After all, as they say, a problem shared is a problem halved. I hope that writing about it online might increase my chances of success –  sharing it makes me feel like I’m not going it alone…. like I’m somehow accountable, not just to myself, but to all of you too.


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