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Time for a Change

Day 32: The best leg exercises ever (No.1)

Over the next few days I’ll be posting some simple and very effective leg exercises that specifically target the thighs and butt. I used to do these and get nice comments about my legs all the time (and I don’t naturally have god legs) so they do really tone and shape. No special equipment is needed. Just do as many as you can and build up from there.

They are nothing new and have been around for years but they really work!

Todays exercise is the Fire Hydrant Kick Combo

  1. Get on the floor on your hands and knees. Back flat. Abs pulled in tight.
  2. Raise one leg out to the side, knee bent, so it is at 90 degrees, parallel to the floor
  3. Slowly kick the raised leg up, out and backwards – pushing with the heel, foot flexed
  4. Bring it back to the 90 degree position
  5. Then kick it slowly back and down towards the floor (but don’t touch the floor) – again with foot flexed
  6. Bring it back to the 90 degree position and repeat steps 3-6 as many times as you can
  7. Repeat for other leg

Food Diary Day 31

Breakfast: Mango menopause smoothie – see breakfast recipe page

Lunch: Smoked salmon, edamame bean and adzuki bean salad, beetroot, green salad, spicy hummus

smoked salmon salad

Dinner: Roast chicken and stir fried green vegetables – see dinner recipe page


Snacks & Drinks: herbal tea. nectarine, 4 squares dark chocolate,

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