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Time for a Change

Day 11: Healthy Snack Alternatives

So I have reached Day 11 with no major mishaps yet and my will power still going strong. Whenever I feel like faltering I have a little conversation with myself that goes some thing like this…

Inner Cheat: “I really want a couple of those {chocolate caramel digestives}”

Inner Health Freak “What the hell are you doing?”

Inner Cheat: “I’m stressed/hungry/bored. It’s just a couple of biscuits, I’ve been so good recently and I’m feeling much better now”

Inner Health Freak: “Then why spoil it now? Don’t give in. Don’t go back to how you used to eat. Keep your eyes on the goal {those summer shorts}.

Anyway today, my Inner Cheat managed to grab a Jaffa Cake before my Inner Health Freak had got a word in edgeways. To be honest it wasn’t even that nice! Before I would have happily munched my way through half the packet, but this time I stopped at one. Its all about damage limitation.

diet cartoon

So here are some ideas for healthier snacks when those cravings strike… the key thing is that they have to be as immediate and easy as reaching in the biscuit tin!

oatcakes and nuts

Want some thing sweet?

Try a handful of berries or grapes, banana, melon or pineapple… or 2-3 squares of dark chocolate (savour each piece slowly letting it melt in your mouth) and a few almonds or brazils nuts… or a slice of Menopause Cake (see Snacks recipe page) spread with tahini.


Savoury cravings?

A couple of mini wholemeal pittas and salsa… or a rice cake with tahini… or an oatcake or carrot sticks with hummus and a few olives… or a slice of rye bread with half a mashed avocado and cherry tomatoes.

Make sure you have healthy snack alternatives readily available – cant’ emphasise those last two words enough, yes – READILY AVAILABLE!

hummus and crudites

Why snacks are important

Healthy snacks are actually really good for us as they keep our blood sugar levels from dropping too low. They work best if they contain a little protein, hence the hummus, nuts or seeds, as protein plays a key role in maintaining blood sugar balance.

Preventing highs and lows in blood sugar is critical, especially if you are trying to lose weight. A stable blood sugar level helps prevent cravings and fends off bouts of irritability, fatigue and anxiety, making you more likely to stick to your healthy eating plan. It is also incredibly stressful on the body if it has to deal with roller-coaster levels of blood sugar and many health experts advocate eating small regular meals every 3-5 hours to keep your metabolism levels up and your blood sugar constant.

Food Diary – Day 11

Breakfast: Menopause Muesli (see Breakfast recipe page) and berries

Lunch: Left over Chicken and Sweet Potato Soup (see lunch recipe page), 2 mini wholemeal pittas and hummus

Dinner: Stir Fried vegetables and tuna in ready made sweet chilli sauce, with sesame seeds and pine nuts

stir fried tuna and veg

Snacks and Drinks: Herbal tea, Jaffa Cake, Slice of cheese and Serrano Ham, Grapes, 2 squares dark chocolate and 2 brazils

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