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Day 25: Diet Disaster

So I have gone form Diet Wobbles (the last 2 days) to a Diet Disaster day.

I woke up full of good intentions but not in a great frame of mind and with a slight headache. I came across a food diary I kept in April when I tried to eat healthier/lose weight then and I was struck by the sheer hopelessness and frustrations of the whole dieting game. I would not describe my self historically as a yo-yo dieter but I can see how easy it is to become one, starting diet after diet, each with new determination and then have them littered around me in the form of books and food diaries – a testament to each failed attempt. Frankly I find myself rather pathetic. If I had just stuck to it I would probably have been at my target weight by now.

yo yo diet and scales

In all honesty, the thing that is really niggling at me is that the last 2 weeks I have effectively not lost any weight despite what I thought were 2 pretty good weeks (not counting the last three days!) and I’m wondering what the hell I have to do to lose this weight that my body is clinging onto with grim death!

So here is my sorry-ass Food Diary for Day 25

Breakfast: Half a grapefruit, Menopause Smoothie – see Breakfast Recipe page

Lunch: Ready made prawn, couscous, lentil, chickpea and veg salad – very good so far but its all downhill from there

Rest of the day: Three quarters of a bag of chocolate covered toffees, banana lolly, 2 bags chilli doritos, fresh cherries, fruit juice, nachos and chilli con carne

So what went wrong today? Here is my hypothesis:

  1. Well perhaps I started off a bit too determined with unrealistic expectations? In my mind was the fact that I didnt lose any weight the last 2 weeks so I was going to have to be ‘very strict’. Perhaps I was subconsciously rebelling about that prospect? I think subconsciously that I don’t think I am up to the challenge
  2. I  got very hungry just before lunch and that was when the toffee eating started. Perhaps I should have just eaten lunch earlier?
  3. I was feeling a bit low and unexplainably anxious, Monday morning-ish and the headache was there so there was definitely some emotional comfort eating going on too. I was not particularly enjoying all these forbidden foods – which is different from last week when, for example, I had a profiterole and it was the most delicious thing that I completely savoured! Today I was just eating all the crap, mechanically and somewhat compulsively with no real enjoyment. Of course, the thing to ask is – what the hell was a bag of chocolate toffees and bags of chilli doritos doing in the house anyway?

Personally I do not agree with the cheat day concept which many diets advocate – they say that once a week you can have an ‘eat what you want day’ but for me they just set me back onto the wrong track.

To anyone reading this – please share your thoughts and experiences with me. How have you dealt with your Diet Wobbles and Disasters? I need all the help I can get here!


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